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Keith's Screen Repair

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Window Rescreening & Repair• We will inspect your screens and re-screen with the highest quality products.
• Basement windows with non-removable frames can be re-screened on site.
Construct new window screens (any size) • Keith's Screen Repair will customize screens built to order with the specific frame size and color to fit your needs.

Door Re-screening & Repair

• We will re-screen your sliding patio doors, storm door inserts or wooden door with the highest quality products.
Replace center cross braces & hardware• We will replace center cross braces and hardware.

Porch Re-screening

• We will re-screen porches using either the “screen tight tracking” system or your existing trim. 
• Damaged wood repair (replacement of furring strips and certain lite trim) is available at the time of re-screening.
Replace portions of screen frame• Screens with bent or damaged frame can be repaired by replacing only the parts necessary.
Replace rollers on screen doors• Rollers can be replaced or repaired as needed. 
• Many times parts are proprietary or obsolete. We can refit any roller with a comparable new replacement part.
Replace window screen corners• Damaged corners, miter or external can be replaced as needed.
Replace lifts• Keith's Screen Repair only uses high quality aluminum lifts for longevity. Lifts can be replaced as needed.
Replace security latches• Security latches can be installed on screen frame at time of re-screening. 
• New drive pins will be provided to customers.
Pet door installations• Keith's Screen Repair will cut and install new pet doors in your existing door.